How to correctly choose a suitable wood pellets stove?

How to correctly choose a suitable wood pellets stove?

The first step is to determine the heating area in the room and select the wood pellet stoves according to the heating area.
For example, for a living room of 70 square meters, we can choose the ML-80 model wood pellet furnace. This wood pellet stoves can heat 60-80 square meters.
To facilitate quick selection of heater models, we have listed the heating area of ​​each model for reference below:


Of course, we can also choose a larger model of wood pellet stove according to the indoor heating conditions. For example, for an area of ​​80 square meters, The height of a normal house is 3-4 meters.
However, because the height of the house is 5-6 meters, we It is recommended to choose the ML-100 model.
Because we can’t just consider the area, but also the height of the house.
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