wood pellet stove

What are the additions to the 2024 wood pellet stove?

The 2024 biomass wood pellet stove configuration adds the following points
1. Equipped with an LCD display, you can control the parameters of the wood pellet stove more intuitively. For example: temperature adjustment, air volume adjustment, pellet fuel feeding speed adjustment, etc.
2. Each biomass wood pellet stove is equipped with two sections of 2-meter high-temperature-resistant chimneys, with a total length of 4m. The high-temperature-resistant chimneys are retractable and can be bent at any angle.
3. The biomass wood pellet stove is equipped with an anti-scalding net that isolates the combustion chamber. It can effectively prevent high-temperature burns in the combustion chamber of pellet stoves.
4. The biomass wood pellet heating stove is equipped with a remote control, which can be used to adjust parameters such as temperature and air volume.
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