Intelligent and manual modes for wood pellet heaters.

Intelligent and manual modes for wood pellet heaters.

The 2024 wood pellet stove uses a large-screen LCD display for more intuitive parameter setting and operation.

Wood pellet furnace uses two operating modes:

1. Automatic operation mode, if the target temperature set is 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature probe will operate the maximum fire volume of the wood pellet furnace, when the indoor temperature reaches 25 degrees Celsius, the wood pellet furnace will automatically turn into a small fire for operation, the air output will also be reduced, so as to ensure that the indoor temperature is constant.

2. Manual mode. When the output air volume is set to 5 gear, the wood chip furnace will burn the maximum feed speed and the maximum air supply according to the current gear set, so as to continue the fire burning, when only after changing the output gear, the furnace will reduce the combustion and air supply.

Therefore, the biomass pellet stove can be adjusted in two modes:

Intelligent type and manual type.

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